Springdale Village is comprised of treatment teams that specialize in caring for patients who have complex medical conditions and are not ready to be on their own. These are patients who need more time and more attention. They need specialized physician and nursing care. All of our services offer the attentive, compassionate care that your loved one needs most during this vulnerable time.


Part of Springdale Village's mission is to keep looking for new and better ways of doing things. Our patients are frequently among the first to benefit from innovative ideas and treatment techniques. You’ll find that virtually all specialty services that you may need are available "under one roof" at Springdale Village.


Physical Therapy


Physical therapy is an important part of recovery for many different health problems. Targeted exercises and techniques can help patients reduce pain, improve strength and balance to prevent falls, regain mobility after joint replacement or other surgeries, and improve gait and balance in stroke survivors. A trained physical therapist can also prescribe appropriate mobility aids and orthotic devices, if necessary.


Occupational Therapy


Occupational therapists assist patients in learning how to safely and effectively carry out ADLs and instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs) and meet personal goals for regaining functional abilities. This process involves relearning ways of doing “common” activities (with or without assistive devices) and how to alter living environments to be conducive to a patient’s temporary or permanent functional limitations.


Speech Therapy


Patients who are in rehab for things like stroke recovery, a traumatic brain injury (TBI), or progressive neurological diseases can suffer from problems like aphasia, dysphagia, dysarthria and apraxia, which affect the ability to comprehend and produce speech. Working with a trained Speech-Language Pathologist can help these patients to regain and improve their communication skills and ability to safely eat and drink.


Wound Care


Wounds, regardless of type and size, can negatively impact a person’s overall well-being: as they may hinder both nutrition and mobility. Springdale Village partners with specialized wound care physicians who work in-house with our residents and assist the interdisciplinary team in creating a patient specific Wound Care Management plan. Springdale Village also retains a wound care nurse who carries out treatments as directed by a physician while also helping the patient heal holistically.


Stroke Recovery


We understand that recovering from a stroke may be a very challenging period of time for both the patient and their support system. The interdisciplinary Stroke Recovery Care Team at Springdale Village is comprised of physical, occupational and speech therapists, registered dietitians and registered nurses all working together to assist our patients following a stroke, hemorrhaging stroke or transient ischemic attack. We want to help our residents relearn the skills they need for everyday living, so they may return to full, meaningful lives.


Memory Support


Our Memory Support program provides innovative techniques specifically designed to treat the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and early memory loss. Our caregivers are on duty around the clock to stimulate mental associations and help residents to be as independent as possible in a safe, secure, home-like environment. The Assisted Living Memory Care community provides specialized care for residents with the beginning stages of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Springdale Village offers spaces with access to an enclosed courtyard and garden. The Assisted Living Memory Care provides a home-like setting with engaging activities and 24-hour nursing staff.


Cardiac Care


Residents with acute or ongoing heart-related issues, including individuals recovering from a heart attack or congestive heart failure (CHF) exacerbation, receive the highest levels of care at Springdale Village. Our compassionate and skilled caregivers work with each patient and his or her physicians to facilitate a speedy return to prior activities and to the highest possible level of independence. In addition, Springdale Village’s supportive team provides guidance in modifying behaviors that may increase risks for a reoccurrence of symptoms. We want patients with cardiac challenges to live as comfortably and worry-free as possible, while guarding him or her against future cardiac complication.


Spinal Cord Rehabilitation


Patients who have experienced an acute spinal cord injury are often faced with life-changing rehabilitation care. Our staff at Springdale Village believes life can still be fulfilling and enjoyable, providing patients both therapy and encouragement.


Springdale Village may be a rehabilitation option for you or a loved one, depending on the severity of the injury and current condition. We provide a comprehensive rehabilitation program that strives to improve independence and quality of life after a person sustains a spinal cord injury. Our rehabilitation program is tailored to individual needs to optimize recovery.


First and foremost is our commitment to helping a person learn to accept a new lifestyle, followed by assisting patients to become as independent as possible in everyday activities of hygiene, grooming, dressing mobility and wheelchair use. Teaching patients how to instruct future caregivers in how to assist them is essential, as is preparing them for vocational rehabilitation.


Springdale Village's staff is made up of truly talented, caring and compassionate individuals. Our spinal cord injury rehabilitation unit has multiple treatment teams consisting of both rehabilitation and medical team members.


Peritoneal Dialysis


Springdale Village can provide patients admitted to our facility for rehab with the opportunity to maintain their established home peritoneal dialysis routine at our facility utilizing their current equipment and supplies. We provide a designated area for patients to perform their dialysis, a scale for weighing, and a warmer for heating IV bags.


Diabetes Management Program


Springdale Village provides both medical treatment and simple recommendations in daily routines to teach each resident how to manage their individual symptoms while helping prevent further complications. We focus on managing the disease so our patients may enjoy full and complete lives. The Diabetes Management program at Springdale Village reinforces the importance of maintaining a positive lifestyle while fully complying with the recommended individualized treatment plan prescribed by a physician.


Specialized Nutrition Program


Our Specialized Nutrition Program offers nutritional meal options that continually raise the bar for excellence and quality. Springdale Village strives to ensure that our patients and residents enjoy elegant and dignified meal experiences. We provide an expansive variety of delicious menu choices, regardless of the specific care level our patients and residents receive. We have designed a fine dining restaurant with flexible hours and room service to facilitate resident-centered care.


Recovery Suites


Springdale Village offers private recovery suites, allowing patients a more tranquil and serene environment in which to heal and recover. We have taken into account the unique needs of each patient by combining a progressive healthcare model with amenities, conveniences and hospitality.


Bed or room assignments are based upon the patient’s diagnosis and bed availability.


Food Services In Dining Hall and Room


Providing care for someone involves nurturing and nourishing them. The dietitians at Springdale Village develop wholesome, nourishing, and well-balanced meals for our chef and staff to prepare as an important part of each patient’s treatment and recovery. We make every effort to provide nutritious meals that are prepared according to the patient’s doctor’s orders. Please make your dietitian aware of food preferences and any food allergies you may have.


Spiritual Resources


Any resident or family member who desires to talk with a religious advisor should notify his or her nurse. Efforts will be made to contact the resident’s personal clergy. If no one is available, arrangements can be made with one of the local houses of worship. Other spiritual or cultural needs may be communicated to your case manager to help meet your specific concerns or needs.

Specialty Services

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